Know This

Know This

Know this journey winding through rain, sunshine, day, night, through climbing’s and falling and know the ways of gratitude within. Christian Sorensen Hansen presents his celebration of travel from a 6-year period and the presentation unfolds with words descriptive. They challenge with the beginning directive: “Know this…”

Know This from Christian Sorensen Hansen on Vimeo.

At no point does Hansen mention gratitude but his celebration reveals. And it revels. We immediately recognize how the knowing and the experiencing can evoke a surrender to what is beautiful, to what restores peace, to what challenges growth. And these – beauty, peace, growth – carve out whole landscapes within the soul, a province known by appreciation, a land only experienced through the acceptance of a thankful heart.

To be alive, to be active, to know this reaching towards more – one more second, and one more sight – requires we either harden or receive. We find the receptive within is what births gratitude. As is shown in Hansen’s celebration, we don’t even need to judge what rolls out from our journey, from our lives. We can simply welcome and know how grateful we are to be. From gratitude we flourish and sometimes from gratitude we simply find the means to survive, to place one foot and then the other.

And every step of the way we know this.

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